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  • "Upon first listen, one will quickly notice how emotionally stunning the final two (French) tracks are... “In the morning I often think of you. In the morning I get up from all my nightmares. I am ready for another stay. The one without you and without return. Next to you,” recites “A Côté de Toi”, which finds Kevin McWha Steele with just his guitar and voice in a live performance... This music touches you deep within your heart and soul and unleashes emotions you may not know you were capable of expressing..."
    - Buddy Nelson, JamSphere, "The Nightly Howl" Album review, December 2018

  • "Brooklyn is unquestionably one of the United States’ music meccas. The pipeline of talent coming out of one of the Big Apple’s five boroughs is endless. It also means that the competition just to get noticed is fierce. But when an artist like Kevin McWha Steele emerges and is able to create meaningful songs that sound great, it only becomes a matter of time before tastemasters gravitate to him..." 
    - The Revue, Saturday Sampler

  • "(Front Page News) I'm a huge fan of rock n'roll and I think you do it well..." 
    - Lost in the Manor (London, UK)

  • "(Front Page News)... Te gustará si te gusta: David Bowie, T-Rex"
    - Velvety (Madrid, Spain)

  • "A tiny ball of Chris Whitely and Serge Gainsbourg... a little bit Oscar Wilde, a little bit Mark Twain."
    - Mercury Lounge, NYC 2017

  • "Kevin McWha Steele is a prolific and very talented singer, songwriter and performer whose music has both catchy and enduring appeal"  
    - Song Revelation Magazine

  • ​"... Heavy on the retro-rock vibe, "Front Page News" is fitted with sweet licks, addicting riffs, ballsy swagger and a stomping beat and groove... This is a sumptuous slice of retro rock ‘n roll cool. The confidence and ambition of both the arrangement and song, makes for an irresistible three-minutes of stellar songwriting and rock and roll."
    - BARRYGRUFF (Dublin, Ireland)

  • "...Eclectic and unique. This songwriter is just loaded with artistic creativity and experienced musicianship. The vocals are executed with a fierce commitment to character and tonality..."
    - TAXI Music

  • "Kevin's band could go from sounding lyrical like Jeff Buckley, to something fierce and rockin' on a dime,... like Credence or John Lennon"
    - Montauk Music Festival (Solé East)

  • "Kevin McWha Steele's album "Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz" is utterly brilliant, diverse and highly innovative."
    - ACUVI (Oslo, Norway)

  • "Funky, edgy and full of attitude....vocal delivery during the verses reminds me of "Young Americans" era David Bowie. These compositions infectious beats and well framed melodic design accentuate thematic intent and further magnify it's late seventies aesthetic... further enhanced by the sassy female backing vocals and the steady accuracy of the rhythm section."
    - TAXI Music (Review of "Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz")


English - French, Français - Anglais

  • "A cross between Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) and Serge Gainsbourg..." 
    - Veglam Magazine

  • "Bilingual troubadour glam, as it should be..." 
    - NXNE Music Festival 

  • "Kevin is a brilliantly versatile modern singer/songwriter who can rock furiously as well as deliver languid french chansons in a smooth as silk crooner's voice. There is always something arresting going on in his extremely well-crafted and catchy songs..." 
    - Gary Lucas (Guitarist - Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley, Gods and Monsters) 

  • "Kevin McWha Steele’s new single, “Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples”, might sound like it’s coming to you straight from a Parisian cafe, but channels Serge Gainsbourg straight into Brooklyn. Don’t worry if French isn’t your native tongue; the emotional appeal of Kevin McWha Steele’s croon transcends the limitations of language..."
    - YabYum West

  • "Kevin's vocals are smooth as steel and just as the gentle strumming in "Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples" lulls one to sleep, the percussion bursts onto the stage making for an arousing work of art..."
    - Santa Rosa Records

  • "Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples" reminds me of my favorite record of all time Jeff Buckley's "Live at Sin-é." It's minimalistic, the voice is gorgeous and soaring. It's almost like a chanteuse. This is very seductive and talented music. Kevin mixes the dreamy and the spooky with spectacular results." 
    - Reverb Nation

  • "Kevin has a beautiful voice..."
    - Philip Glass, Composer


Venue/Festival Listing


  • Mondo NYC Music Festival 2016, 2018​
    - New York, NY
  • Northside Festival 2015, 2017
    - Brooklyn,NY
  • Cape May Singer Songwriter Festival 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
    - Cape May, NJ
  • Unite the Vibe 2017
    - New York, NY
  • Make Music New York 2016, 2017, 2018
    - New York, NY
  • Montauk Music Festival 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
    - Montauk, NY​
  • Governor's Island Music Festival 2013 
    - New York, NY
  • NXNE Music Festival 2013
    - Toronto, ON
  • CBGB Music Festival 2012
    - New York, NY
  • Seton Hill French Fair 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
    - Baltimore, MD
  • Sag Harbor American Music Festival 2014
    - Sag Harbor, NY
  • WilliFest Music and Film Festival 2012
    - Brooklyn, NY
  • Manhattan Inn Summer Music Festival 2012
    - Brooklyn, NY


New York:

  • Mercury Lounge residency, NY, NY 
    July 2016 - May 2017
  • "McWha at Cafe' Wha?" curated events, Cafe' Wha? NY, NY 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • cultureFix music residency 2015, Lower East Side, NY
  • The Watermill Center, Watermill, NY
    "Death in Vacant Lot," dir. Kameron Steele, 
  • The Watermill Center, Watermill, NY
    "Nameless and Awake, Eight Poems of John William Carroll," dir. Reuben Butchart, 
  • LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council)
    "Death in Vacant Lot" 
  • Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit at Bowery Electric, NY, NY (headlining with Lenny Kaye, Steve Earle, Jesse Malin) 2012
  • Jeff Buckley Tribute, curated by Gary Lucas @ The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY 
  • "Up in the Air" at BRIC studios, BAM, Brooklyn, NY. Participating artists: Akim Funk Buddha, Erika Banks, Pete List, Noah Landfield, Andrew Potenza, Bellyqueen, among others
  • Mercury Lounge, NY, NY
  • Bowery Electric, NY, NY
  • Le Poisson Rouge, NY, NY
  • Pianos, NY, NY
  • Rockwood Music Hall, NY, NY
  • The Living Room, NY, NY

Full Venue/Festival Listing