"Kevin Steele is a brilliantly versatile modern singer/songwriter who can rock furiously as well as deliver languid french chansons in a smooth as silk crooner's voice. There is always something arresting going on in his extremely well-crafted and catchy songs. He deserves to be alot better known." - Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley, Gods and Monsters, Captain Beefheart, etc.) May 2012

Acuvi says, "It's utterly brilliant, diverse and highly innovative."

Veglam Magazine compared Kevin's songwriting to that of Ziggy Stardust and Serge Gainsbourg.

Taxi Music labeled his performance "Eclectic and unique. This songwriter is loaded with artistic creativity and experienced musicianship. The vocals are executed with a fierce commitment to character and tonality."

Interview with Veglam Magazine

Concept albums are rarely the easiest thing to do! We asked Kevin to tell us about "Enivrez-Vous", his new album released under the name KI & The ARROWTOOTH WALTZ. An interesting groovy kitsch dandy pop project by an original artist influenced by Ziggy Stardust and Serge Gainsbourg among others...

So, is KI & The ARROWTOOTH WALTZ a real band or just an album project?

I guess technically it's a "concept album". I first met the French guitarist Aurelien Budynek, singing for Ray Serrano's (Mark Anthony) band "Life". My job was lead singer in Ray's 6 piece latin band, but I had difficulty singing in Spanish with a good accent, so I was cut after four weeks. READ MORE


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"Recently cited as 'a cross between (Bowie's) Ziggy Stardust and Serge Gainsbourg' in Veglam Magazine, Steele brings his own unique blend of French-Anglo pop, folk, rock and jazz to the stage. Recent releases include a 21-track self-titled LP (February 2012) and a glam rock concept album "Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz" (May 2011). Squealing, eye-rolling and/or profanities welcome!"

- PR Newswire

Kevin McWha Steele is a poet and songwriter, who finds inspiration through singing, writing poetry/lyrics, and travel. After studying music and poetry in France for four years, he relocated to New York City in 1996.

Since then, his professional music credits range from session vocalist for Virgin U.K. to performing/recording with a variety of musicians, performance artists and songwriters in both New York and Los Angeles.

Kevin's most recent release is his self-titled 21 track LP. flezaDoza joins on guitar and bass, Andrew Potenza on drums. The album was recorded in Brooklyn and Binghampton, NY with flezaDoza as the engineer.

Although, primarily a French cabaret inspired-folk/pop singer, Kevin is first and foremost a songwriter and inspired by taking risks.

His most recent self-titled album is part one of a folk rock/ electronica trilogy, in the style of Brit folk/pop from the 70s a la Alan Price, Paul McCartney, The Beatles (Srgt Pepper and later).

Previous releases from Kevin include the EP, Lumière Violette, a folk album featuring songs in English and French, and Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz, a concept album that traces the life of a young man living in NYC at the turn of the century. Kevin hopes to inspire the interest in a fully produced Broadway production or movie with this release, as detailed in a recent interview with Veglam Magazine: www.veglam.com.

Lumière Violette features bassist Arvin Zarookian, and drummer Andrew Potenza, with Chris Mullins as the chief engineer. While most of the songs are performed on a nylon-string acoustic guitar, the title track was composed and played on the 8-course Lute. The original recording was cut at 4th Street Studios in Santa Monica, CA. Final mixing was done by flezaDoza at Of A Dazzle Studios in Brooklyn, NY. It was released in May 2011.

The dance/pop concept album "Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz" was released in April 2011, with Godfrey Diamond, Stefano Zazerra and flezaDoza as participating engineers. A diverse album with an emphasis on pop and noir genres, most of the songs on Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz were co-written with the French guitarist Aurelien Budynek. Incorporating the fierce drumming style of Drew McLean, they recorded the album over two weeks at Moody Mammoth Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The album features guest appearances by singers Stephanie McKay, Jennifer Zimmerman, renowned Bandoneon player, Hector del Curto and beat-boxer, Adam Matta.

Kevin's songwriting talent was also recently recognized by Sting and representatives from Universal, Sony, Warner Music, and EMI. They voted his song "Love in June", a finalist in the Song of the Year songwriting competition in the Jazz/Instrumental/World category in December 2009. In the same competition, two years later, recording artist Pink voted his song "At The Serial Killer Disco", a semi-finalist in June 2011 in the Pop category.

Currently, Kevin is working on a series of new albums that include material from an extensive back catalog and newer material with a group of musicians based in NYC and LA.

Catch Kevin this March at The Village Lantern on Bleeker St., Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn, and in Chicago at the Elbo Room; in April at Bar Matchless; and in May at the Montauk Music Festival.

Please check gigmaven and his website for more show listings: www.kevinmcwhasteele.com

Kevin currently resides in New York City.

Kevin received a fellowship to Bard College's MFA writing program in 1999. His poems have appeared in international publications such as Fence Magazine, Lungfull, In My Bed, among others. A first volume of poems and lyrics was published under the title, "Medawin" in 2009 with Longdash Publishing: